PSF - Process Specification Formalism

Tools in the PSF-Toolkit

The PSF compiler psf, translates PSF specifications into TIL-code. It consists of several programs, a parser (psf_mtil), a normalizer / type checker (mtil_itil), and a TIL-code generator (itil_til).

Term rewriter
The term rewriter trs can be used to test the data part of a PSF specification. It takes a file with TIL-code as input, after which a user can interactively give a term, that will be rewritten. Tracing the process of rewriting is possible.

The simulator sim shows traces of selected items, when it simulates a specification. It is possible to set breakpoints on atoms and processes. The user can choose the actions to perform from a list, but simulation can also be done randomly. The simulator is also provided with a process status, which shows the internal status of the simulated terms, and with a history mechanism, that not only makes it possible to go back single steps, but also to jump to a formerly marked state.

NOTE: There is also a new implementation called tbsim, a modernized version based on the ToolBus.

Simulation and Animation
The tool simanim couples the simulator to an animation by using the ToolBus. Simulation can either be controlled by the simulator or by the animation itself. The code for the animation must be provided by the user, but a library of functions is provided to ease this.

Generator of animations
The tool genanim generates an animation out of the TIL-code of a specification.

Integrated Development Environment
The tool psfide integrates editing of modules, compilation, and simulation. It is based on the ToolBus.