PSF - Process Specification Formalism


Who are working, or have been working on PSF

Bob Diertens
Current maintainer of the Toolkit.
Designed and implemented the typechecker/normalizer (mtil_itil) of the PSF-compiler, the simulator (sim), the simulator preprocessor (simpp), the simulation and animation (simanim), generator of animations (genanim), and several other parts.
Sjouke Mauw
One of the designers of the PSF-language.
Hans Mulder
Designed and implemented the PSF-compiler driver and the library manager. Also designed the library of PSF (psflib2.1).
Gert Veltink
One of the designers of the PSF-language.

Who have made contributions

Casper Dik
Designed and implemented the term-rewrite kernel, which is used in trs, sim, and simpp.
Jos van Wamel
Designed the first version of the PSF-library.