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Bob's Corner
All kinds of interesting stuff.

Bob's Computer Science
Computer science I have been working on over the years.

Bob's Bocht Brewery
This is a ongoing research project for development of tasteful beers. That is, to my liking. It is not the purpose of this project to start a commercial brewery.

Bob's Golf
Since I retired from baseball (end 2004), I play golf.

Bob's Travels
To visit the places I always wanted to see but which are too far for just a short trip. Off course in the companion of Mirjam.

2007 novemberQueensland - Australia
2008 juneLesbos - Greece
2009 juneBritish Columbia - Canada
2010 novemberJordan
2011 novemberAntartica
2012 juneRome - Italy
2013 juneBarcelona - Spain
2013 novemberNew Zealand
2014 novemberBoston - USA
2015 januaryLapland - Finland
2015 juneMorocco
2016 mayScotland - United Kingdom
2017 mayBerlin - Germany
2018 mayWales - United Kingdom
2019 juneNevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah - USA
2019 octoberLanzarote (Canary Islands) - Spain
2022 juneIreland

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