mtil_itil [-d] [-h] [-px] [-v] [ MTIL-file [ library ]]


     mtil_itil  normalizes  the code in the MTIL-file and looks for the mod-
     ules to import in library.  If no MTIL-file is given,  mtil_itil  reads
     from  stdin,  and when no library is given, it looks for the modules to
     import in the current directory.

     The result of the normalization process is written on stdout.


     -d     Sets mtil_itil in debug-mode.  Certain checks will not  be  per-
            formed and the tables will not be cleaned up.

     -h     Prints a help message.

     -px    Sets the origin-rule type for parameters to x.  The values for x
            are ’0’, meaning no origin-rule, ’1’ for mapping parameters with
            the same name and origin on each other, ’2’ to forbid parameters
            with the same name and origin.  The default is ’1’, to obey  the
            PSF origin-rule.

     -v     Displays the version of mtil_itil.


     psf(1L), psf_mtil(1L), itil_til(1L)


     Bob Diertens, University of Amsterdam (

4th Berkeley Distribution Oct 28, 1993 MTIL_ITIL(1L)