simanim [-p port] [-v] TIL-code animation
     simanim [-i] [-p port] [-v] trace animation
     simanim [-h]


     Simanim  couples  the  simulator  to an animation by using the ToolBus.
     Simulating can either be controlled by the  simulator  (passive  anima-
     tion) or by the animation itself (active animation).

     For  a description of how to make an animation for a specification, see
     the Simanim User Manual.

     Clicking mousebutton 3 in the canvas popups a window for  printing  the
     canvas to a file.


     -i     The simulator takes the input as a previously outputted trace.

     -h     Prints a help message.

     -p port
            The ToolBus is instructed to use port as its port for communica-
            tions (port must be higher than 1024).

     -v     The ToolBus is started with the option -viewer, which shows  the
            communications of the ToolBus.


     sim(1L),  showanim(1L), traceanim(1L), Simanim User Manual, Docs on the


     Bob Diertens, University of Amsterdam (

4th Berkeley Distribution Jul 19, 2000 SIMANIM(1L)