gpresent - presentations with Groff and AcroRead


gpresent is intended for making presentations with the text processing and formatting software package groff (GNU Troff). It consists of a macro package present.tmac for use with groff and a postprocessor presentps for manipulation of the PostScript output of groff. The result has to be converted to PDF (Portable Document Format) after which it can be presented with the use of AcroRead.


% groff -mm -mpresent file.rof > file.pps
% presentps -l < file.pps >
% ps2pdf
% acroread file.pdf
% groff -P-l -mm -mpresent file.rof >
  • Do not forget to put in options for the preprocessors that have to be used.
  • On systems were Troff is installed, you have to use -mgm instead of -mm.


Since these are all available for Windows, Linux, and Unix, you can make and run your presentation on almost every platform.


  • demo.pdf -- A demonstration of all the presentation macros.
  • sidebar.pdf -- A demonstration of a sidebar as header.
  • piclink.pdf -- A demonstration of links inside pictures.

Note: In your preferences for FullScreen in acroread, set
  • Default Transition to Replace
  • Mouse Cursor to Always Visible or Hidden After Delay.


gpresent version 2.5 (November 20, 2017) -- includes demo.pdf, sidebar.pdf, and piclink.pdf


since version 2.4
  • Adjusted the PAUSE macro to work inside DS/DE.
since version 2.3
  • Changed implementation of the PAUSE macro.
  • Added the macro's MARKS, MARKE, and MARKD.
  • Adjusted FILL GradX and GradY.
  • No cropping done when orientation is Landscape (slides).
  • PAUSE in a BLOCK once is possible now.
  • Adjustemnt for groff 1.19.2: no processing of stuff between BeginDocument and EndDocument.
since version 2.2
  • Use of '.INITCOLOR yellow' instead of '.DEFAULTCOLOR yellow' in demo.rof.
  • Repaired bug in presentps which could mess things up.
  • Adjusted smile.epsf to prevent problem with acroread version 5.x.
  • Adjusted presentps for viewing problems with wide-screens.
since version 2.1
  • Bug in presentps, which resulted in problems with ps2pdf.
  • Mentioning of INITCOLOR instead of DEFAULTCOLOR in demo.rof.
  • acroread version 5.0 stumbled on the smiley used in the demonstrations.
since version 2.0
  • Adjusted the story on loading of the piclink macros. They can't be loaded with the -m option, because then they are not preprocessed by gpic.
  • Adjusted presentps so that additional PageSize settings added by grops since version 1.18.2 of groff, are filtered out.
since version 1.0
  • Footers are put on an exact location.
  • TITLE and SUBTITLE set the strings title and subtitle.
  • Picture linking macros, with demonstration.
  • Presentps has an option (-lc) for indicating the corner to put the links.
  • END macro sets the margins.
  • Demonstration of a sidebar as header.
  • All variables used in the macros start with gp- in order to prevent clashes.
  • Colors are implemented with .defcolor and \m[...].
  • More control over titles and subtitles with the macros TITLEFORMAT, SUBTITLECOLOR, and SUBTITLEFORMAT, in addition to TITLECOLOR which now only sets the color for titles.


Please mail any remarks.