Bob's Coffee Log

I started this log because of my annoyances with the coffee supply in the building where I work.

We have only one machine which has the choice between several variaties of coffee, cocoa, and hot water. I always take a double espresso, extra strong, and with extra sugar. The result is roughly as strong as a normal coffee should be. Unfortunately it also has a thick layer of 'cream', that clearly is not from the coffee, but made artificially. It makes the coffee taste worse.

The rule is that if you empty the pot you have to make a new one. Most people think that if they leave a small bottom they don't have to make a new one unfortunately. Most of the days I make the first pot.

We have a new coffee facility especially for the people on the second floor. It is a filter machine with extra hot plate so that one pot can be kept warm when another one is made.

Well, it is no suprise that I have taken care of my own coffee supply. I brought in a waterkettle and use soluble coffee (Nescafe Espresso). Now I finally can enjoy a decent cup of coffee at work, at any time I want.

Still no coffee supply in this building, so it is no wonder that our neighbours are out of coffee at 13:40.

As of yesterday the coffee-machine has been shutdown. The costs were becoming too high for our insttitute. The costs were already high, but now the university has an exclusive contract with Sorbon (successor of SMAA), with as a consequence higher costs (!!!???).
What will be done about the coffee supply is not sure. Either the coffee machine will be taken away or we have to pay for our coffee. The estimate for one cup is Euro 0.40 (that will be Euro 0.80 for a cup for me!).

So, at the moment there is no coffee (or tea) supply in our building.
Everybody is getting their coffee at the neighbours. The neighbours must be really grateful for getting rid of their toxic waste for free.

8:39 I'm a little late and that is punished immediately. CM-CR is early.

8:20 The machine was already out of coffee yesterday afternoon and it will not be refilled before 9:00, so I had to go for a double cocoa. Of course extra strong and extra sugar but still not very much taste. But what can you expect if it has a water base.

14:20 The machine is out of coffee. Maybe we should limit the amount of coffee per person per day.

13:55 The machine is out of coffee. Probably it will be filled not before monday morning.

08:35 I'm a bit late (with getting coffee) and the cleaner and refiller of the coffee machine (lets call him CM-CR) is a bit earlier than usual, so no coffee yet.
09:15 The machine is working. I notice that it gives slightly less coffee. Less is more. You might think less coffee is more taste, but alas.

14:00 the message on the display says the driptray is full, so no coffee.

No problem scoring the first cup this morning.

I expected to find the machine empty this morning, but no.
What I like to know is how much is left in the machine. It really should indicate this on its display.

This morning it was no problem to score my first cup. No surprise, since yesterday there was less time to empty the machine.

It is 8:25. The machine is out of coffee again.
Probably more people use this machine since last week when all private coffee machine have been banned from the rooms.
A note on the machine tells that the cocoa supply is again broken.

It is 9:30, the machine is cleaned and filled. No coffee however. The machine shows a message that the driptray is full. It obviously is not, but the machine detects it anywhy and refuses to supply coffee.

I have my first coffee at 9:40, more than two hours after I started to work. Thanks to our neighbours (NIKHEF). Its taste? Horrible.

11:00 Coffee at the CWI, neighbours of NIKHEF, since I was there anyway for a meeting.

14:15, the machine is working again, so the first cup today from our own machine.

It is 8:30. The machine is out of coffee. I have to wait till 9:15 until the machine is cleaned and refilled.

The coffee machines has been repaired today. There was something wrong with the cocoa supply.
Don't know what the repairmain did but the coffee tastes much better now.

2006/01/17 - 2006/01/19
The coffee tastes horrible, much worse than before.