Howling ...

This Howling ... page is collection of thoughts / opinions / ... (howls) based on mere facts of a strange and obscure world. A world build upon illogicality, make belief, fraud, pure stupidity, and otherwise.

My Howls

I(,) Object
Did you ever wonder what object-orientated programming has to do with object-orientation?
Do you feel you are being treated like an object?

Data Mining?
I have mined a lot of data, and now what?

Generalization is not Abstraction
Abstractions can be generalized and generalizations can be abstracted from, but they are different concepts.

Quantum Computing
Are all the pieces entangled?

Programming is (part of) designing software
And so, a program is (part of) a design.

Howls of Others

Nasty Little Truth About Spacetime Physics
Do you think you can move through SpaceTime?
Are you just moved by the idea of timetravel?
How long does it take to travel through time?

The Development Abstraction Layer
When management gets it all wrong (as usual).