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Aging & Blending

With fermentation going on after bottling, I regularly drink beers that are a few years old and have a different / better taste than that when they were still young.
This made me wonder whether I could develop beers that could even taste much better after a certain amount of aging. And as the age of the beer dictates the taste, may be blending of the differents ages is a way to go for controlling the taste of the beer. And even blends of different types of beers is a possibility.


As one can see in the Last Brews list there are a couple of batches called Test 4. This beer is the base beer for the blending. The yeast that is used in these batches is a cultived Belgian Lambic blend.


first blend
At november 29, 2017 the first blending took place. In this blending, the 2 year old (2015) and 1 year old (2016) batches were used. As I have no idea yet in what proportions the different batches should be blend so that its taste will be to my liking, I made a few small blends of different proportions and bottled them.

I made only a very small amount, and it resulted in 2 bottles of 1/3 1 year old and 2/3 2 year old, 2 bottles 1/2 - 1/2, 2 bottles 2/3 - 1/3. For comparison I also filled 1 bottle with 1 year old only, and 1 bottle with 2 year old only.

The taste of these beers was very promising.

second blend
At march 15, 2018 - half of the 2015 and half of the 2016 batches were blended, and bottled the next day. I have baptized it as Bueuze.

second blend
At november 12, 2018 - 5 litres of the 2015 and 5 litres of the 2017 batches were blended.


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